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i missed Carver

I missed Carver. His stories and what they meant for me. All that atmosphere. All that me.

Kindling, What Would You Like To See? and Dreams are some of Carver's uncollected short stories. I don't know why but I am always afraid to say things about Carver. Maybe because his prose lets us have our personal and intimate interpretations. And thus I'm afraid of showing too much of myself. Or maybe because of my 'fiasco' with Cathedral [well, I didn't see it as a fiasco, but my professor sure did :))]Whatever it is, those who read Carver's short stories and know how minimalist fiction works hopefully can understand me.

For those who haven't read this kind of fiction (like Hemingway, Carver and, why not, even Tomas Rivera's Y no se lo trago la tierra), in minimalism (whether it's in design, music, visual arts or literature) everything appears in its fundamental features. There are, for instance, short stories that are two pages long and still they ca…

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Julia Alvarez's novel mirrors the coming of age of four girls, who need to find their own voice, something between TRADITION and MODERNITY, the Island and Los Estados Unidos.

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents is great not necessarily because it portrays life both in the Dominican Republic and USA, but because of its structure. We may say that the novel is an entire flashback. It renders moments, events, episodes that lead to the girls' loss of 'accent'. It begins with some events from 1989-1972 (the 'present', when the girls are grown-ups), then goes back to their first years in USA (1970-1960) and the last part deals with the time before their departure (1960-1956). Each chapter has one (or more) focalizer, which is a sort of temporary narrator. But when it comes to the chapters that have more than one focalizer, then we have the same event seen from different perspectives. For example, the chapter entitled Daughter of Invention is merely about the girls…

y no se lo trago la tierra

"And the Earth Did Not Devour Him". Tomas Rivera.

Let's face it: we all need America. We need it economically, politically, culturally. But, THANK GOD!!, we need differently.
On the one hand, for Iraqi people, for instance, (and to some extent for Romanians) the American way is the best way! On this account, we are more than lucky that Americans are generous enough to give us lessons of democracy, freedom and acceptance.
For Canadians, on the other hand, America is a national ‘phobia’, their purpose being to become as different as humanly possible from their neighbours: “Canadians do not want to become Americans. This is what created us in first place, this desire not to be American, and it is a sentiment that is getting stronger, not weaker.” (Will Ferguson, Why I Hate Canadians, p 111)
For Latinos America is a dream. A dream that can become a successful story, or, on the contrary, one that can easily turn into a nightmare. Successful stories of Latinos in America a…