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The Hours

Woolf’s Art is centrifugal. It moves continuously from centre to margins; it strives to expand its limits, to overcome its flaws, to surpass genre-boundaries. But also, Woolf’s Art is permanently longing for order, for a system of small hierarchies. Throughout her literary activity, Woolf struggled to find the necessary ‘tools’ by the means of which to express her own reality and vision, to express the centre of her creations. And from that centre derive and expand, like beams of light, the particularities of Woolf’s fiction. Hence, in the heart of Woolf’s novels lies – despite the apparent fragmentariness and fracture – a solid shape, a well-structured backbone, which comprises recurrent themes, ideas, predilections that had dominated Woolf’s life and literary creations, elements from her life that contradicted and baffled her mind. She therefore transposed into her Art all humanity, all emotions, desires and conflicts that constitute her world, since behind the layers of Woolf’s nov…

Se hace moldeadora de su alma...

As a young woman, now confident on my femininity and identity, I have a keen interest in feminism, particularly in the indigenous one since I find it closer to our experiences and national identity.  And so I stopped at Ana Castillo because her literature and feminism are different. Most Chicana literature is about being different, hence oppressed. It is about injustice, sufferance, inbetweenness. It is the literature of the victims. However, Castillo's literature is refreshing and her feminism is milder and more balanced. It does not advocate for a world without men; it does not encourage feelings of hatred towards men. Instead, it proposes a multi-nucleus society by challenging the old dichotomy between the One (the male, the concrete, the centre of the social system) and the Other (the female, the unseen, the peripheral). Hence, through her feminism, Castillo does not aim to inhabit the nucleus of the One's world; nor that of white women. What it seeks to accomplish is to c…

sfirsitul a venit fara de veste

Sfirsitul a venit fara de veste... 
doar stii cu cita incapatinare ma opun normelor. stii cit de mult incerc sa fiu altfel, sa aduc o pata de culoare chiar si celor mai plictisitoare aspecte ale vietii. si sigur stii cit de frica imi e de ziua de miine; zi pe care de altfel o astept si cu mult entuziasm, pe linga teama. ce poate ca inca nu stii e ca sint situatii in care imi doresc sa opresc timpul in loc, dar sigur stii ca n-are cum sa-mi iasa niciodata.
am oroare de sfirsituri. fie ele de orice fel, iar acum, cind ma confrunt c-un alt capat de linie, simt un mare gol. cel mai tare ma intristez pentru ca trebuie sa ma bucur de persoane dragi prea putin timp. am invatat insa de multa vreme ca oamenii vin si pleaca, iar cineva care tocmai se pregatea sa iasa din viata mea mi-a spus ca ceea ce putem face ca sa ii tinem in inima mereu este sa aratam, prin diverse mijloace, cit am invatat de la ei. this is what i will do next. 
Am inteles, voi trage dunga peste nadejdea inutila. Fa la fel.