yearning for a breath of fresh air

yearning for fresh air... i want this year to be over. as soon as possible. too much tiredness and angriness. too many fights and words/ideas/feelings that are lost for ever in the vortex of time. so many things to do, so many responsibilities and no helping hand. too much yellow. too many people losing their personality, their individuality; and there is nothing worse than one's lost of identity. feelings of alienation, frustration, nothingness, sadness. and, above all, too much lack of respect.

fresh air comes in different shapes and colours. and that's the beauty of it. yearning for green hills and clear water coming from behind these stormy clouds. yearning for autumn and for the chilly, safe and trustworthy wind. yearning for orange, green, blue, red, purple. yearning for 'I'; for the one i used to be before all this.


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