maraton woolfian

pentru ca maratonul woolfian, cum l-am denumit, mi-a ocupat ultimele saptamini si mi-am neglijat astfel blogul, prietenii, cartile si catelul, postez o bucatica de drum din marele, obositorul, dar minunatul maraton W:

I have chosen Virginia Woolf – or she has chosen me – because I have reached Ithaca. I have felt her; I have seen all the different colours and shades; I have heard every sound, every whisper. I have had my vision, I have lived genuine moments of being.
My Ithaca is not your Ithaca. The road is different for everyone who dares to embark on this long and tiring journey. And that is the beauty of Woolf’s novel, of literature: the diversity of interpretations, the numerous crooked roads, rather than a neat and simple experience.

“’Now’, said Bernard, ‘let us explore.’”

It all began with a vision, a dream, an image and the word, the need to communicate, to express, to interpret the mere sensations, feelings. It all emerged from finding a voice, transgressing human existence, arresting the moment and lifting it up from the vortex of life.
It all began with a vision, a dream, an image and the word,and ended with a note, a few stones in a pocket, on the bottom of a river.


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