Massacre of the Dreamers

If you want to see what is it that I'm doing now, what makes me break my promises, take a look at the following fragment from Ana Castillo's The Mixquiahuala Letters. It comprises the very battle of the Chicano/a people and the hour of rebellion. It is Castillo's dream. Their dream. The dream of this entire people. Dreaming about what had happened, but this time having a weapon in their hands:

"The hour that was for them, for us, for all who had awakened one morning to see their fields covered with blood rather than harvest, who didn't seek to change the world but lived in good faith and prayer offered to an imposing God, for the young women who mended their men's clothing and held their sons' mouths to the purple nipples of sweet breasts, for the man who watched the suns descend behind the mountain every evening and dreamed and when his sons were grown, passed on his dreams, for the black nights when guitars harmonized with the wind's song, to the bottle of regional brew, and a hand-rolled cigarette, to the baptism and a dance of celebration, to the aroma of soups simmering on wood-burning stoves and filled the bellies of those who worked the fields, to a candle that burned in vigil while a hungry mind gulped the printed truth of another's legacy, to the owl that called from between the moon and earth while lovers enwrapped their passion on silver tinted grass, to the history of the world and to its future, to all that had lived and died and had been born again in that moment as i approached am opaque window and pointed my weapon." (103-4)


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