I love Joyce Carol Oates! However,

And so I read another of Joyce Carol Oates' creations, after I found  Mystery, Inc. by chance on NetGalley. These almost 50 pages are like a short and warm summer rain. So short and warm that it's not really as refreshing as one would want it to be.
It was published by The Mysterious Bookshop as part of the Bibliomysteries series, which features mystery short stories, and the only reason why I chose it was Oates' name on the cover. However, Mystery, Inc. is nothing when compared to the author's other novels. While it is true that I could easily depict in this little short story some elements that I had found (and loved) in Daddy Love, such as the thorough psychological insight, this book was a disappointment, especially the ending! 
I would gladly recommend it, though, to my students who want to practise reading in English and to those of you who spend long hours in the bus. 


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