dreams, desires, colourful aspirations

"It´s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting."

It sounds almost perfect in theory. And after reading this quote, our hearts fill with joy, enthusiasm, bliss and we push aside all the bad things from our lives. So we start believing (again), we start enjoying and loving everything; though not long ago this 'everything' seemed so dull. We begin to feel important and blessed. But this feeling lasts until we face, once again, LIFE; life in all its shapes and colours; life with its touch of humanity; life with all its masks and actors... And then we begin searching for quotes like this one: small, good moments of happiness, of hope and strength.

But is it really like this? Do our dreams come true? Is life interesting due to our desires and dreams? I doubt it. Usually, our dreams don't come true. That's why they are called dreams. Most of the time, we are so preoccupied of living that we forget about ourselves, about fulfilling our aspirations. However, we cannot live without them. We need these small lies. It's normal, human even. Our childhood dreams are replaced by others, which, sooner or later, we'll be replaced too.

So, please do answer this: what is it that makes life interesting?!


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