"if you ain't got heart, you ain't got nada"

"down these mean streets" (piri thomas) is more than an autobiographical novel: it's a life story. or it's a hell of an aubiograpfical novel that fully accomplishes its purpose: to teach others how to live, how to enjoy life and how to avoid making the same mistakes.

a story of a life. real life. a life that makes you shiver. a life that makes you revolt against the harsh, cruel reality. no more playing, no more lying. boys being raped. children smoking pot. young girls having babies.

there are (life)stories that touch you. or even change you; help you become a better person. here is a story that made me stop for a while and (re)consider life. i take my hat off to ted williams:
1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2vdcdRdciU&feature=player_embedded#!
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSOTG_nb4tw


  1. i so very much agree. you don't often find this kind of literature: rough, so true to life that you almost wish it had a bit of cosmetic surgery just for your own peace of mind, AND well written. :D

  2. Tocmai mi-am terminat recenzia la ea, si spuneam pe undeva ca inainte de toate, romanul este o lectie de viata. Sunt povesti, filme, desprinse dintr-o altfel de realitate, necunoscuta (din fericire) de multi. Este realitatea dezgolita de lucrurile marunte - care ne protejeaza pe noi, oamenii comuni - umpluta cu o realitate aparte, dura, socanta, cumplit de dureroasa, dar mereu profunda. Pentru ca durerea este mereu ceva profund, care schimba multe. Sa citim Down These Mean Streets, sa ne uitam la Pianistul, sa invatam cu adevarat din ele ... pentru ca la final, dupa ce ne-am recapatat respiratia, sa privim in propria viata si sa spunem: My life is beautiful.
    Asta e ceea ce literatura de calitate/arta face: it teaches us to open wide our eyes and hearts...


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