(scurt) vers 10, Excilia Saldaña

In what place do I rise up or sink down
with full lungs,
with open bronchia,
with the full freedom
of being and not dying? 
Not in this human body. [...]

Mother of future messiahs [...]

The oregano plant humbly perfumes the hand of the one who breaks it. 
A child laughs and he hands me the leaf.
And I smell it.
And I give it for him to smell.
And he laughs.
I have a womb of birds
because I've given myself to the world
in the joy of the earth.
Grow quickly,
breast of my son;
hand of my son;
get strong,
back of my son;
rise up at once,
height of my son;
my name awaits you. [...]

from My Name: A Family Anti-Elegy by Excilia Saldana (trans. by Flora Mandri and Rosamond Rosenmeir) 


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